An open plan for modern life

Home Type : 3 - bedroom condominium

Floor Area : 1,184sqft

Rhiss Interior has incorporated forward-thinking designs to expand the functionality of this resale flat in Sin Ming.

The open plan layout has become a go-to configuration for those who yearn for more space and flexibility. Exemplifying this perfectly is this four-room HDB flat which underwent quite a transformation in the hands of Wincy Tang, Principal Designer of Rhiss Interior. On the original state of the home, Wincy reveals: “This is a very old resale flat but has been well-maintained by its previous owners. We were honestly surprised to see that it had plenty of natural light, considering it is a low-level unit, and it made us want to capitalise on this rare element.”

The homeowners are a middle-aged married couple who work from home and enjoy socialising at home as well. With their lifestyle needs in mind, Wincy decided that an open plan layout made good sense, and could also significantly enhance amount of daylight coming into the unit.

As such, the previously enclosed kitchen is now an open one. She adds: “The husband likes to cook and to prevent heavy cooking fumes from entering the rest of the unit, we installed a sliding glass door to cordon off the space.”

For their hybrid working needs, the homeowners needed two separate workstations. Since the structural wall couldn’t be demolished, it made sense spatially to allocate a work desk next to the wall. With this privacy divider in place, the homeowners can work individually at this desk or at the dining area with minimal disruptions.

Another irregularity that Wincy encountered in this old flat was the uneven ceiling. She explains: “This used to be a common room, but since the homeowners have no need for it, we hacked it away and converted it into a dining area. The ceiling is therefore higher and cove lighting has been installed to make the height difference less conspicuous.”

The open plan living space is outfitted with a material palette of white and wood-look finishes to achieve a Muji-inspired interior. Keeping to this restrained colour scheme draws out the intended minimal style while woody accents champion cosy warmth. This cohesive design language works well in masking irregularities in the living room wall, too. Wincy has expertly applied wood-look laminates to cover up structural flaws and even used it to conceal the doorway to the master bedroom.

In the master bedroom, privacy is key with a reed glass screen installed near the entrance of the en-suite bathroom. Wincy says: “We retained the reconfigured master bedroom which has merged with a common bedroom, but did not want the main entrance of the enlarged room to face the bathroom entrance. A reed glass divider blocks prying eyes but not the natural light streaming in.”

Seeing that the bathroom could not accommodate a spacious vanity, Wincy proposed to house it within the walk-in wardrobe. It proves to be a good design move as this airy space is awash in flattering natural light.

The walk-in wardrobe itself is refreshed with new cabinetry bearing the same wood-look laminate finishes seen in the communal areas. Every inch of the space is optimised with storage and the designers even managed to conceal a storage water heater within the top cabinet.

The choice of a pared-down aesthetic turns the master bathroom into a Muji-inspired retreat. Open niches for toiletries, concealed piping and a tankless WC set the perfect tone for a clutter-free and cosy ambience.

Rhiss Interior



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