From Outdated Flat to Minimalist Haven

Home Type : 5-room HDB flat

Floor Area : 1,200sqft

The owners of this resale flat wanted to refresh its worn-out interior and turn it into a calm and minimalist haven. Keith Than, their appointed designer from Rhiss Interior, recalls the original state of the unit: “It had an old-school look with lots of maple wood finishes and greyish-blue granite flooring.”

Facing an aesthetic that was stuck in the past, it’s not hard to imagine why the homeowners, a married couple with one child, were eager for change.

Having demolished the walls of the previously enclosed kitchen, Keith has created a new open kitchen with an island that extends toward the communal zones. A darker colour palette in comforting wood tones lends warmth to the space.

Fluted details fronting the island counter bring in the texture and ensure that the space doesn’t appear too stark. The use of recessed lighting beneath the countertop bestows a feeling of warmth and creates a welcoming bar area for the homeowners to unwind with a drink.

The open-concept kitchen has been fitted with new homogeneous floor tiles in a cool stone-look finish. Cabinetry in a laminate colour similar to the one applied to the island counter establishes a cohesive design language.

Keeping the living area clutter-free is a custom-built television console to store entertainment peripherals neatly and to showcase the owners’ Bearbrick collection. The streamlined appeal of the built-in is enhanced with fluted details.

The symmetrical design of the custom-built unit creates visual balance. Next to it, the bi-fold glass doors that separate the balcony from the living area can be pulled back fully to enhance the sense of space.

The homeowners were keen to have a walk-in wardrobe in their master bedroom, and Keith managed to work in a spacious and well-planned dressing enclosure. Glass-enclosed displays lined in fur were introduced to store designer bags for an upmarket boutique-style appeal.

The corner of the wardrobe makes a great spot for a compact vanity table. Its floating appearance is made more apparent with the backdrop of an illuminated floor-to-ceiling mirror feature.

In the master bathroom, the previous flooring and wall tiles have been replaced with new stone-look tiles bearing a raw-like aesthetic. The finishes give this minimalist bathroom an inviting atmosphere that is simply soothing to the soul.

Rhiss Interior

Rhiss Interior



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